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All about me

I've been working with wood as long as I can remember - it is in my name after all! I've been a landscape gardener for over 10 years and have won awards for my show gardens at the Great Yorkshire & Harrogate Flower shows. But, for me, the highlight of these gardens is in bringing the detail to life.
I design and build bespoke garden seats, craft wooden mantlepieces from reclaimed lock gates and much more. If its wood I love to work with it.
My new line in wooden bowls are here! I take pride in using heritage woods and retaining the features that history has given them, these bowls are exciting to me as they merge the old with the new - some modern old wood! I turn some when the wood is wet and allow them to warp and split before being refinished - its exciting how you really don't know what it will end up like.

Portfolio of Work

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All about my work

Read below to find out what inspires me, why I do what I do and how I do it

About the wood

All wood can be given a new lease of life and most has something special hiding within it. I like to work with everything from freshly felled trees to Canal lock gates and pallets, each and every piece offers up something different and unique. I don’t usually select a piece of wood for a project but rather choose a project for whichever particular piece of wood has caught my attention.

About the process

My aim is always to make an object that highlights the character of the particular piece of wood I’m working with to enhance what is already within the wood rather than to mould it into something its not. Using this method I never know what the final piece will look like until it is complete. Working this way often reveals a surprise or two and is one of the many reasons I love what I do.

Keep hold of the memories

Sometimes a tree of particular sentimental value needs to be removed or a beam from barn or even an old oak gatepost. These need not end up as firewood regardless of condition.
The memories, history or heritage can live on...... It may be possible to have a keepsake made such as a bowl, vase or clock no matter the type or condition of wood. I will make it lovely, beautiful and will ensure that the sentimental value lives on for you.

Turning Green

Perhaps my favourite technique is to turn ‘green’ wood, which means freshly cut, wet wood.
With the right technique, rather than cracking during the drying process it will either shrink evenly or warp. Both these outcomes produce a desirable end product and for me the not knowing is the best part of the process. The bowl is then either left to dry or dried in the microwave which reduces the waiting time dramatically.

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